20 Questions with skate-mad Thabo Nage

By Haastige Hennie

Originally from Mafikeng, Thabo’s love for skating started in the streets of Lonehill where he borrowed a board from a friend who later hooked him up with the real deal. Now a top SA skater living in Northcliff, this Thabo put his deck down for a few minutes to speak to kapteinkortbroek.co.za - for he knows Kortbroek smaaks this sport where laaities often break bones when attempting to land that sick trick.

Nice one thanks. 20 questions, here we go:

1.Favourite trick?
360 flip.

2. Favourite skate video?
Flip sorry.

3. Favourite band/ artist?
Mosdef, Bobby Mcferrin.

4. Favourite all time skater?
Bastien Salabanzi.

5. Favourite current skater?
Dlamini Dlamini (DW- Day Walker)

6. Favourite spot?
Green Ramp in Parkhurst.

7. Favourite drink?
Pick ‘n Pay Cheap Purple soda! (purple Drink nigga!)

8. Favourite thing outside skateboarding?
Making music and watching Stand up comedy!

9. Favourite thing about skateboarding?
There’s nothing like it! I feel  free!

Thabo Nage

10. Favourite thing about being a skateboarder?
Groupie Love *laughs* kidding! Expressing myself in the coolest & unique way possible!

11. Worst thing about skateboarding?
Security Guards, posers and Haters!

12. Worst thing about being a skateboarder?
Those times are gone! It’s the rise of the skateboard now – just watch on TV!

13. Worst bail?
Bent my toes all the way backwards! (eina bliksem)

14. Worst run in with the authorities?
Got attacked by a group of security Guards at the Rand Show. They cable tied me and beat the crap out of me..hahaha. Losers!

15. Worst injury?
Broken Ankle.

16. Worst moment?
Can’t really think of one.

17. Funniest moment?
I was sick one day when we were kids, went street skating and I fell asleep on a rock and told my friends ( Luke Jackson, Maanda, Bergen and Sam) to not let anyone steal me. Hahaha.

18. Best moment?
Too many, but I guess winning the Johannesburg Home Town Hero.

19. Your last request if you would be executed?
Let me watch a comedy before yall kill a brother!

20. What’s the answer to life?
Life is a series of questions that are provoked by mankind’s curiousity of whats coming up next. So life will always be a question for as long as we are promised a future! That’s why I roll with Jesus, cause no matter what comes up next atleast I will have the upper hand!

I Roll With Jesus

If you’re a skateboarder like Thabo Nage, in serious need of some airtime, drop us a mail at kapteinkortbroek@gmail.com and we’ll get Haastige Hennie to pop over to check out your skills.
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