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German Sausage Fest In Champions League Final Klink Piele

By SamGoma


Woza majitas. Tomorrow night is the big final everyone has been waiting for. Champions league time has come to a close and Saturdays showpiece will crown the new kings of Europe. Yoh, I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Borussia Dortmund are still waiting to see if Mats Hummels will be fit to start and I hope so for Klopp and his ntwanas. He is a skilled player and now in huge demand as the big-money clubs have set their sights on acquiring his signature.

Mario Gotze on the other hand is a special case. He is injured which is bad for the team, but this guy is young and talented and has decided to move to Bayern before the final has even taken place. Dortmund fans have felt betrayed and I’m disappointed too, eish.

Gotze-and ReusNo more smiles in a Dortmund jersey for you Mario

The Bayern Munich team are definitely favourites for me. Their deep squad and group of players have shown the world this year that they are to be feared. Barcelona will have to rebuild a dynasty as they watch their beloved Pep begin his journey in Germany.

I believe very much that Dortmund can win, but Bayern has had the fortune of the Ancestors grace to have gotten so far in this tournament for the last few years and I’m certain they’ll be giving this match extra attention to help the Bavarian giants hurdle the last obstacle on their path to another European Cup success.

Whatever the result, it’s obvious the power shifts in football are working well. No league can stay top forever and now it’s time for German football to take centre stage.

A congratulations is also due to Kaizer Chiefs, who managed to avoid becoming the Arsenal of South African soccer. They clinched the league title last week and it’s about time majitas. Your fans were getting impatient, but now there’s enough penis expansion going around to share with everyone.

Manchester Majitas Pak Hulle Tassies

By SamGoma

It is a moment to remember. Sir Alex Fergusson is retiring and at the end of this season we will be saying goodbye to both Manchester managers majitas.


Roberto Mancini had it coming. That guy just didn’t learn, eish. He even gets to the FA Cup final and loses to Wigan, who are fighting to stay in the Premier League. I fear for any club that wants to employ this mamparra.

Manchester United has headed into a new era now with David Moyes. Sir Alex is ending his long career on a high with Rooney the only person not wanting to join the party. This guy is also a fool. He plays for one of the biggest clubs and behaves like a laitjie. I mean, no one said anything when you were sleeping with a magrieza you paid for bra.

Still with the Premier League, it’s a fight to the death with Tottenham Hotspurs trying to steal fourth place from Arsenal. This is a very entertaining battle and I hope that Spurs manage to sneak in. I’ll probably have to brew loads of muti to help them. It would be interesting to see how Arsenal react to having no Champions League football. Chisa!

It’s all slaughters and celebrations in Barcelona as the Catalan club enjoys some much-needed penis expansion after an aggressive circumcision at the hands of Bayern Munich. Real Madrid are not happy as their failure to beat Espanyol gave the Liga title back to Barca without them having to play for it the next day.

We now have the Champions League Final to look forward to, but that’s a story for next week. Now it’s time for a zamalek and some dice games. Woza.