Its Gwarra Gwarra Time

By SamGoma

Tomorrow the biggest gwarra gwarra tournament of the year gets underway and sho there will be eight manne from Mzansi taking part. On behalf of bra JZ I would like to wish them all the best.

Jacob-Zuma                    Good luck guys…

Unfortunately, Msholozi isn’t happy that none of them are black like Tiger. He looks at our pale-faced gwarra gwarra representatives and makes silent prayers for some child from the township to be blessed with the ability. It doesn’t help when Tiger Woods is also the top ranked gwarra gwarra player and the highest paid too.

You see JZ admires Tiger and sees a lot of himself in the man. They both have a lot of money, are both known around the world and both like their penises a little too much.

Tiger-Woods             Stroke it long, player!

China has sent 14 year old Tianlang Guan only to distract the Americans and keep them talking. Supposedly he qualified by winning the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, but really he’s just a cyborg spy sending classified information to North Korea. Looks may be deceiving baba.

One might think SamGoma has some undercover gwarra gwarra skills, but truth be told, he doesn’t get the time to practice enough while brewing muti or ranting about soccer.

This witchdoctor is going to put his money on Tiger winning, because it’s funny to see a mlungu sport being dominated by a darkie. SamGoma is hoping his favourite animated character, Louis (Shrek) Oosthuizen, will be up there with the best to keep Mzansi’s flag flying high at the Masters.

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