SamGoma’s Weekend Predictions

By SamGoma


SamGoma has been on a week-long pilgrimage in the hills of Natal. In this time I’ve been seeking guidance from the ancestors, hoping to achieve a higher level of shamanism. It has been a time of great reflection and the spirits have let me in on a couple of secrets.

I did not read the bones properly when I predicted the Bulls loss against the Blues, but now the bones are certain that a slaughter is on its way. The Crusaders have had two bloody noses in the tournament and are ready to make some mincemeat in Christchurch.

The Sharks have shown their teeth and are ready to take anybody on this year. Brumbies beware. You are undertaking a trip into treacherous waters, eish.

Sebastian Vettel will take the first Formula 1 victory for Red Bull. Vettel knows Red Bull is the best commercial muti around. It’s no wonder he’s so good.

A rat came to me last night with a message. It said that it expected a Spanish team to win the Champions League. It also added it would return to me with more detailed information after it had finished destroying some sugar cane plantations. I await your wise words rat.

Lastly, expect no penis expansion for Manchester City in their match with Everton. That one is going to be a draw baba.

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